Get More From Your Provider Relations Program

Zaghop’s bolt-on solution for Salesforce transforms your installation into one that’s tailor-made for the complex world of provider relations, in just minutes.

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Supercharge Your Team's Success

With a solution tailor-made for modern, data-driven provider relation teams.

Install in Minutes

Pre-built configuration is installed to your Salesforce instance in minutes, saving you the time (and expense) of lengthy consulting engagements

Activate Your Referral Data

Liaison Pro is built to accept referral and claims data you already have and give your team the power to use that data directly in the place where they live the most. Don’t have a preferred vendor? We can use one of our trusted data partners to enrich your deployment.

Track and Visualize Provider Performance

Get a data-driven perspective on how your program is driving real results. Focus your efforts on the providers that need it the most, and get visualizations that make it clear exactly what’s going on in your program.

See how it works:

See How Liaison Pro Can Power Your Program

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